CHAQUETON MATERIALS FOR MANUFACTURING AND PANTS: Outer layer: Omni Vantage fabric Nomex and Kevlar Basofil 7.8 / yd 2 in Gold, with water repellent. Note: These fabrics cover or exceed NFPA standards. THERMAL LAYER: Xtralite 7.25 oz / yd 2. It is a second inner layer under the outer layer integrated vapor barrier, removable for cleaning and maintenance made of Nomex 100% aramid 7.25 oz / yd 2. This thermal layer is designed to protect the user from burns in the fire fighting, these fabrics cover or exceed NFPA standards. LAYER MOISTURE: 3000 Stedair 5.2 oz / yd 2, consists of a laminated membrane that prevents the penetration of water and steam, provides high thermal stability also allows perspiration Firefighter inside out. Reefer FEATURES 32 "front and 35" in back NECK: 4 Extra high "and four layers of fabric for total thermal protection layer and layer humidity. COVER MOUTH: It works with an extra layer attached to the neck to protect the mouth and throat, VELCRO closure is Nomex. It is made of four layers, with heat and humidity that makes insulated layer. ADDITIONS: This suit has type reinforcement patch Arashield protector silver shoulders, elbows. SLEEVES: Made of curved ergonomic design with silver arashield completion of the fist to wear protection. JACKET FLAP: Flap front Reefer 5 "wide with 4 layers of fabric (Nomex 2 1 thermal layer and another layer of moisture), this flap is stitched double stitched with Nomex thread. ZIPPER, HOOK AND PLUSH NOMEX: Zipper Closure System using Nomex and a vertical strip and hook Nomex Plush 2 "wide. DRAG RESCUE DEVICE "DRD": "Help the partner Fallen" EDITION 2007 It is designed to provide rapidly deployed to help rescue a downed firefighter system. The DRD is hidden between the inner and outer jacket, Kevlar Natural scintilla of 1-1 / 2 "around the upper arms and chest. One end of the tape, has access through an opening in the outer jacket on the back, covered by a flap. To implement, open the lid and pull the strap handle. This action reinforces the loop around the torso of the victim and gives you and others more effectively drag a firefighter way to a safe area. Portaradio BAG AND STRIP TO HOLD MICROPHONE: This made of the same material of the outer fabric jacket. FOREIGN BAGS: 2 bags patch type 10 "x10" with protective flap drainage system. INNER BAG: Multipurpose made of Nomex lining. GRIPS: Fist of Kevlar / Nomex spring type 5 "long, seal in moisture fists layer that blocks the entry of water or steam keeping dry inside. TAPE: We use Limon Limon-Silver-3 "tape, 3M brand Scotchlite NFPA ASSEMBLY LINE: We use Kevlar and Nomex thread. PANT FEATURES:

DESIGN: Ample space for more comfortable movement, cooked with splined double stitched for durability, reinforced hem carnaza.

SNAP PANTS: Overlap System snap hook and ring against type "D" anti spark and corrosion resistant nickel plating.

INTERIOR LINING: is a second removable inner pants integrated vapor barrier.

REINFORCEMENT: Type protector of bait in Valencia knees and patch.

BAGS SIDE BELLOWS TYPE: 2 bellows pockets on the sides of his pants.

Download data sheet PDF . FIREFIGHTER SUIT 1028 Datasheet

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